Step 1

Send in photos of items, desired sale prices and a name and contact phone number to We will review pictures and reply with a list of the items that we are currently accepting.

Step 2

Please note that we split the sold for price 60% store and 40% consignor BEFORE taxes.

Step 3

If you are interested in moving forward with consignment, please call 561-300-2454 so we can make an appointment for you to come in and email you a consignment agreement.

When you come in for your appointment

  1. Bring approved items only.
  2. Bring a signed and initialed consignment agreement.
  3. Please make sure that your items are cleaned and are in the condition that you want them to be sold.
  4. At the appointment, we will go through each item and agree to the initial sale price for each.
  5. All items will be reduced by 10% after 30 days, 25% after 60 days and at 90 days the contract ends and you have a choice to either pick up your items within 10 days or they will be considered donated to the store.